Is Dragon Academy Malta a recognised entity?

Our academy is affiliated with Sportmalta, World Hapkimudo Federation and the Malta Taekwondo Federation which the latter is affiliated with the Maltese Olympic Committee, World Taekwondo, and World Taekwondo Europe. World Taekwondo is affiliated with the International Olympic Committee.

What benefits are available in joining Dragon Academy?

Being affiliated with Sportmalta, members under 16 years of age may benefit from the €100 tax rebate scheme in accordance with article 14E of the Income Tax Act.

Dragon Academy forms part of the non-formal learning under the local government education.

Another benefit is the instructors’ teaching skills and qualifications. Our main instructor holds a university bachelor degree in Sports and Active Lifestyles by the University of Malta together with  over 25 years of teaching experience.

Do males and females train together?

Yes. We strongly believe about the benefits of mixed-sex classes.

What I am expected to wear?

For the first sessions one is recommended to attend in loose attire that is comfortable and safe. Later on you will be expected to have the official uniform.

How many sessions per week do I have to attend?

For a steady progress one is recommended to attend at least twice a week.

Do I have to be fit to take martial art classes?

Not necessarily. However one has to inform the academy about any chronic conditions or past injuries.

Which class/es do I have to join in?

One may join our current ongoing classes. Our instructors are capable to conduct the classes in an efficient manner, geared accordingly to the individual’s needs.


What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is an Olympic martial sport and a self-defence system.

At what age one can enrol?

We accept kids as young as 5 years of age and over.

What equipment do I need?

Initially you don’t require any particular equipment. Later on you are requested to have the manadatory sparring protective equipment.

Do I have to do grading examinations?

You are not obliged to take your grading examination, however we strongly encourage you to take your exams in order to help you set objectives for your progression.

Is it safe?

Taekwondo is very safe to practise as light contact is applied during training. During sparring exercises, students must wear their protective equipment.

Am I obliged to compete?

No. Competing is everyone’s choice.

Are there any opporutnities for competing and training abroad?

Dragon Academy participates regularly in both local and overseas competitions. We also encourage our students to attend seminars abroad.

What are my kids expected to learn?

What is most important to us is that kids find a place where they can have fun and make new friends. Our programme is based on introducing fundmental movements and life principles. We believe that martial arts go beyond the physical aspect.


What is Hapkimudo?

Hapkimudo is a martial art based on the Korean martial art of Hapkido, embracing a complete self-defence concept encompassing a vast range of strikes, kicks, throws and locking techniques.

Are there any dangers involved?

Not really if one does the exercsise cautisously. In Hapkimudo one learns to listen to his body and adapts accordingly.

What equipment is required?

Apart from the uniform the same sparring equipment used in Taekwondo can also be used for Hapkimudo during light sparring drills. However specific gloves and head protection are required for further safety.

At what age one can enrol?

In Hapkimudo we do not have specific kids classes and therefore we do not accept children under 12 years of age.

Grading Examinations

Same as in  Taekwondo, Hapkimudo grading examinations are held every four months.

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